For many years, we have been devoted to the development of a unique grafting technology that gives top quality hazelnut seedlings, excellent yield and longevity. Our seedlings of high-yielding varieties can be found on the plantations of large world producers of hazelnuts, but also on the successful family orchards.


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Technology based on knowledge
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  • Janko Janković, MSc Engineer of Agriculture, born in Šabac in 1970.
  • Undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, majoring in Fruit Growing and Viticulture. 
  • Master’s studies at the study program Growing Fruit and Vine, at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad.
  • He started cooperation with PhD Professor Milovan Korać in the field of walnut planting material production and grafted hazel seedlings on Corylus colurna in 1993.
  • Started working on the selection of hazelnuts together with PhD Professor Milovan Korać, and the selection Alejas was singled out.
  • Has published several scientific papers in the field of hazelnut production in collaboration with PhD Professors Alessandro Roversi and Slobodan Cerović.
  • Janko Janković, MSc Engineer of Agriculture, founded the private nursery OZZ "Leska", where he produces seedlings of various fruit species and is currently the largest producer of grafted hazelnuts in Serbia. OVDE BIH MOŽDA IZBACILA “Janko Janković, titula,” I PISALA SAMO OD “Founded…”
  • The nursery additionally has three engineers of agriculture who are available for consumers’ dilemmas, but also to control planting.

As a passionate nature lover and expert in the field of hazelnut production, I have built the world’s largest grafted hazelnut nursery on a family farm, which today supplies the entire region and a part of the world with the highest quality seedlings of unique hazelnut varieties. We invite you to visit us, contact us and make sure of the quality of our hazelnuts!


High yield, secure future

Nursery “Leska” is a certified producer of premium quality grafted hazelnut and walnut seedlings.
We offer you:

  • Design and complete technology for rising orchards
  • Mechanized orchard planting with the use of GPS
  • Professional supervision during production

“Leska” nursery is the holder of the exclusive right for reproduction
of the latest hazelnut variety Tonda Francescana, which was developed
and patented by our long-term partner - the Italian institute Università
degli Studi di Perugia

This variety of hazelnuts is characterized by high yield, resistance, and
fruit quality. Its round fruits dry easier and faster and are adorned with
a distinct and full taste.

Created by crossing high-quality hazelnut varieties Tonda Gentile
Romana and Tonda di Giffoni, Tonda Francescana is one of the
highest quality Italian hazelnut varieties. Contact us for more information.


Plantations of future generations begin with the selection of quality hazelnut and walnut seedlings, which are a prerequisite for good yields. “Leska” team of experts and engineers is at your disposal for all information about hazelnut and walnut seedlings, conditions of sale, as well as for advice on raising orchards and growing this precious fruit.